Top Tattoos Ideas for You

Tattoos ideas are available in many designs. You can find a thousand designs of tattoos that can be applied on your body.

However, there are top ten designs of them to be your best reference. If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below.

This article is going to discuss top tattoos designs that become the most popular choice both for men and women.

Top Ten Ideas of Tattoos

You can try to get such inspiration before creating any type of designs to be marked permanently on your body.

As we know, there are some people who play safely with traditional designs. Sometimes, they also choose the custom designed one.

Well, you can choose unique and original designs for tattoos. There are many popular designs can be found.

They can also help you enjoy this artwork for your lifetime. So, here are those designs.

Tribal Design

Tribal design becomes the first list of top choices. Besides unique, this tattoo also shows the intricate beauty.

There will be simple ink work that can be found. Then, you can also find the perfect color on this tattoo design.

Why so? It is because the people who use tribal design can show certain statement by a symbol.

It will be more than explaining by the detailed picture. Well, this tattoo can work perfectly both for men and women.

They also usually apply it on the ankle, wrist, and armband pieces.

Nautical Star Design

Next, you can choose nautical star design. It is not only for a sailor. Common people also can apply it as the best option. For your information, this tattoo has some meanings. First, it shows the message of punk loving crowd and pin-up.

Then, the star also can be a symbol of sexual preference. It can state about the sex symbol of lesbian and gay community. Meanwhile, many marines also choose it in order to represent about their lives along the sea.

Heart Design for Your Tattoo

Heart design is also chosen the most by people. It will be the great option for those who really feel the true romantic moment.

This symbol can be represented for your beloved one. There are also some people who use it to show their loves for their Moms.

However, heart design is the most popular choice for women.

Meanwhile, men can choose it to show their masculinity. There will be also other designs can be combined with it.


Angel Wings

The next design for you is anglewing. It will bring the perfect representation for those who use it.

You need to know that it remains the perfect choice both for men and women. Usually, it is chosen for them who find their guardian angel in life.

There will be the wings spread on the back side of love.

Sometimes, there will be also small wings behind the love.

Well, this angel design is a very beautiful tattoo to be applied on your skin.

It really represents about your personal life and true feeling.

Cross and Religious Design

It is just like the angel design for tattoos. Cross and religious symbols will help you expressing the faith through the artistic way. Some of tattoos enthusiasts choose this one as the simple design. Meanwhile, the others creatively combine it with the rosary beads. This combination really encompasses on the ankle.

You can choose it as the best reference, right? However, before committing to mark it on your body permanently, you have to consider about this faith tattoo. Besides that, you need to also commit to your final beliefs.

Dragons Design

Dragon is one of cool designs that can be your option. It also has several meanings that make it on the top ten tattoo designs. As we know, dragon has fiery nature message. It represents about your strength and defiant characteristic.

Besides that, it is also the symbol of Chinese Zodiac for all people who were born in the year of the dragon. Then, it can be also the perfect choice for sorcerer and wizard fans. It shows the unique fairy tale and inspired tattoo for people.


This tattoo has good reason to be applied to women’s skin. Besides the symbol of beauty, butterfly also represents transformation and rebirth. You need to know this animal has dainty effects and color combinations.

It will be very perfect to be applied on your back. You can also take it as the symbol of traditional flash. Well, you can show the deepest meaning of this beautiful animal symbol.

Fairy Design

This inspired tattoo will be another choice for you. It can be the alternative option besides wing design. This design is known for mischievous representation. However, fairy also has a dark side. It can be also the symbol of the wonderful gothic option. Well, it is a very inspired tattoo, right?

Besides that, many people mark this design and also sketch permanently on their bodies. You can consider combining the fairy tattoo with other symbols according to your birth month. For example, you can choose your zodiac symbol to be combined with fairy design. Well, those combinations can represent style and color of you. It is very unique and wonderful design for your lifetime.

Celtic Tattoo Design

Celtic is just like a religious symbol. It has an ample message following the symbol. You will find the beautiful and awesome scrollwork and knots. It really makes this symbol becomes the wonderful option for you. You have to know that this symbol provides timeless to be applied. There will be also the detailed message that can be represented. It can be the perfect designs for those who seek for the couple tattoo.

Tigers and Lions

These animals are the jungle leaders in the world. When you apply it on your body, you will get the cat pack. Although its picture looks like a cat, you can still represent the message of it.

This design shows the royalty, inner strength, and fearlessness. It will be the perfect choice for you. Finally, those are all about top tattoos ideas.