Laziness in reading make people looking around for some other sources. Like the works of Gregory Boyle Tattoos On The Heart a lot looking for as an Audiobook. This book alone tells the story of a priest named Boyle a very loves honesty, Here’s a little story from the book.

Boyle can read about the look on the faces of people addicted to drugs because they withstand the shame and it can be said with “addiction”. People hating his life and did not believe that they deserve a better life, feeling happy, to go back on a hard life. But Boyle believed from the bottom of heart that all people feel the compassion of the Lord as a reward.

On 4 July, Boyle changed his environment into the large space like in field. He paraded during the 2 weeks, party firecrackers, dance and much more. But he was suddenly to be angry. There is a problem when you hold a parade. A young man named Denny did an error regarding a firecracker on his Office, but He doesn’t bring up firecrackers.

Then Boyle nodded and told Natalie to buy food and give money five dollars. Then he says “If you say you don’t do that” then He cried in embarrassment, and Boyle believes that shyness was a sense of the phrase “taka da love in yourself” over time, people can overcome their shame by embracing Lord.

Boyle actually knows that He is guilty but he did not acknowledge his mistakes, so Boyle gave a smooth solution with he believed with the Deni. Afterward He felt guilty with cry shame.

The point of the story is that everyone who is not liable by way of crying. He knew what he was doing and he felt shame, shame though it is not good, Boyle showed any sense of shame that part of God’s plan.

That’s a little bit of reviews about the Tattoo on The Heart Chapter 2. To be honest people is very good, if we ever lie once in a while for sure one moment if we can honestly be considered a hoax. While you can still honestly and keep the honesty you guys.

To get the book with tittle Tattoos On The Heart Audiobook. You may open the You Tube and search this tittle and if you found it, please save offline the Audiobook. Good luck

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