An admirable book about adversity and decency, death, and resurgence. This book written by Father Greg Boyle, the most well-known gang determent program in one of capital city in U.S, California.

Tattoos on The Heart Ebook, He also an establisher of Homebay Industry. He told the strength of benevolence. Reflected loves God for human being, and teaching about God and Christian theology.


  • Content of The Book

Entirely, this book is talking about the priest who preached at the Church in Mission Doloras, the poorest area in Los Angeles. Boyle, an acknowledgeable Father, witnessed violence in his society. Teenagers and children are die everyday, but he saw an enlightenment. He decided that he would used his divine revelation to get a handle on that situation. He changed the regulation and made the people could entering the Church. He also found an education program for gang whose lived had been blow away. Finally, he helped by a philantrophist Ray Stark and set up an economic school named Homebay Industry. The school was created to provide a job, tattoo removal, and psychiatry conseling. Boyle is discussing the indispensable mission of his organization; to advie local people who have adjudge develop or to change their lives for the better.



  • Characteristic of The Book

This hard book was written in 2008-2009 in Los Angeles, California. The first published in 2010. Genre of the story is memoir. In Ebook edition, it published on Free Press page in 2010. The book consists of 217 pages and 9 chapters. For the people who can not get directly the hard book, might read in PDF term. It can easily to download in any trusted sites. But you have to pay to buy the Ebook. Nowadays, free access is not yet provided dispense.



  • Simbolyzation “Tattoo on The Heart”’s Story

According to the text, every members of gang have decorated tattoo that being an appearance of their gang existence. The tattoos are permanent and can not be removal, except in surgery. The tattoo at that time symbolize the crimes and antisocial behavior in Boyle’s society. And by removing tattoo is mean reflected the forgiveness of God.

“Tattoos on The Heart” in Ebook edition collate some amazing story, Father Boyle tells in extempore semont pattern. For your information, for athe time being, Homebay has been  blow by the deflation. They need our helped to donate some important thing for them.