Easy Ways to Choose The Best Tattoos Placement

The tattoo is one of a unique drawing arts because the media that needed is not paper but human skin. Tattoos become the trend of body paint that never dimmed because it always has its own enthusiasts because the picture is unique and very beautiful. In addition, the tattoos placement on the body also became one of the important things to think about before deciding to make a tattoo. This is because the location of the tattoo on the body can affect the beauty of the image and meaning that given to others or themselves. Tattoo in its development not only as one of the body painting but for some tribal tattoo made as a marker or media that is believed to drive out evil spirits. Therefore in this article will be explained about the history of tattoo use, some interesting facts about tattoos as well as the easiest way to determine the location of a unique tattoo.

The History of Tattoo

Tattoos are also often referred to as rajah is one of the marks made on human or animal skin by inserting the color pigment into the skin surface layer. In general, the use of tattoos in animals is intended as animal identification such as the number of animals on the farm and the health condition of the animal. Whereas in humans, the use of tattoos starts from the inland tribes that are intended as a symbol of a particular tribe, a position within the tribe and used to signify health. But not all tribes or people in the world using tattoos as a marker of certain things even tattoos are forbidden by some religions one of them is Islam that prohibits all its people to use tattoos. However, the use of tattoos is quite widespread especially in communities in some areas such as Kalimantan, Philippines, America, Mesoamerica, Europe, Japan, Cambodia, and China. The word tattoo itself is actually derived from the Tahitian language is “tatu” which has a sense of the marking of something. Without we realize that the use of tattoos has long been applied according to historical records found, the use of tattoos was first applied by the Egyptian-made mummies aged around 3000 BC. Tattoos used in Egyptian culture is a form of tattoo marker will position someone in one tribe, it makes tattoos growing rapidly in some other tribes such as the Dayak tribe in Borneo, Indian tribes in America and the Asian community in Polynesia. Here are some functions of tattoo used in some tribes in the world, which are:

  1. Tattoos on Borneo. The use of tattoos in this area is more applied to women because the tattoo is functioned as a sign of expertise possessed by women such as sewing experts, weaving and others.
  2. Tattoos in Indians. The use of tattoos in Indian society does not look at gender because in general tattoos painted on the body serves to add to the aesthetic aspects of the body. In addition, there are still many Indians who use tattoos to show their social status.
  3. Tattoos in China. The use of tattoos in Chinese society began in 350 years ago precisely during the Ming Dynasty. Women who belong to the Drung tribe at that time are required to make tattoos on the face and intimate parts as a marker that he came from a good descendant.

The Interesting Facts About Tattoo

The tattoo is a unique painting art because the media is painted human skin. In addition to the uniqueness of the tattoo turned out to have some other interesting facts that are not widely known, including:

  1. Ink on the tattoo. In general, the ink used to make a black tattoo that was mostly made of animal materials. Therefore, people who adopt a vegetarian lifestyle certainly can not use a tattoo because it would violate the code of ethics in the application of a vegetarian lifestyle. The code is called the ethical vegan who says that the vegetarian lifestyle is not just to avoid food and drink but also some products and lifestyles that exploit animals.
  2. Ainu tribe. It is one of the traditional tribes located in Japan where has been imposing tattoo applications since time immemorial. The unique application of tattoos on this tribe is applied on the lips of every Ainu woman because it is used as a symbol of maturity. In addition, a very wide lip tattoo is believed to be one of the signs that can cast out evil spirits.
  3. Tramp Stamps. It is one of the trends in the use of tattoos on women who applied to the abdomen, waist, and hips. The use of tattoos in the area is believed to improve the aesthetic aspects of the female body.

Easy Ways to Find Best Location For Your Tattoos.

Most people tend to be confused when it comes to determining the location of the tattoo on the body because the location of the tattoo careless will actually give a bad impression on the body. Here are some easy ways you can do to determine the location of the tattoo that suits you, which are:

  1. Determine the tattoo design that you will use. Tattoo design is very influential on your body which is generally divided into two based on the size of a large tattoo and a small tattoo. Large tattoo designs with common drawings can be placed on easy-to-see parts such as arms or shoulders, but for images that contain a certain meaning, you can place on your stomach or back. Small tattoo designs are more flexible in terms of placement because basically all parts of the body can be tattooed.
  2. Pain tolerance. Next, you have to consider the pain during tattooing where the body part with a more flexible skin tends to hurt more than the dense skin surface. Part of the skin is very sensitive is the armpits, facial skin, wrist skin and others.
  3. Comfort yourself. The most important thing is the convenience of yourself because some tattoo pictures may have meaning and profound meaning to you so you do not want the tattoo to be seen by the public. You can place such tattoos on the part under the armpits, nape, behind the ear, and others.

So this article hopefully can provide useful information for you and make it easier for you to choose tattoos placement that suits you.