Temporary Tattoos: The Best Alternative for Expressing Your Artistic Skin Art

Temporary tattoo is chosen by some people if they are not too certain about having a permanent tattoo to be decorating their body. Temporary tattoo is an alternative, and it also can be designed or looked on the skin as authentic as a permanent tattoo. People get some temporary tattoos for themselves in some occasions, for example for a movie, a play, or a souvenir from some places that have certain characteristics of a tattoo design as their culture.

4 Types of Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo, like a permanent tattoo, has various interesting types to be explored when you want to have one. There are four of them based on the material used and the ways to paint images on the skin: decal-style temporary tattoos, metallic jewelry tattoos, airbrush temporary tattoos, and henna temporary tattoos.

  1. Decal-style Temporary Tattoos

The most well-known and cheapest temporary tattoo is the decal-style temporary tattoos. The decal-style tattoos are technically a sticker for your skin. They are created by printing an illustration on a special material of a paper. The way to use them is that you just have to stamp certain parts of your skin with these tattoos. After stamping, you may have to press or scratch the decal-style tattoos on your skin and wait for a little while for the image to be transferred onto your skin. The decal-style tattoo is the cheapest one because you do not have to be directly tattooed by a tattoo artist. Colorfully different and interesting images can be made into the decal-style temporary tattoos. However, the designs are usually limited if you did not order previously.

  1. Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

The second one is the metallic jewelry tattoos. This body art uses foils as its most essential material so that the tattoo will look metallic. Most of the lovers of metallic jewelry tattoos are women. They usually get them for matching them with their fashion style. Compatible with any kind of dresses, metallic jewelry tattoos also compliment all of the jewelry really well if you know what kind of an art shape that will look good with you jewelry. The artwork for metallic jewelry tattoos are usually bohemian, with some repetition in the design of certain shapes. Technically, metallic jewelry tattoos are the same with decal-style temporary tattoos, but they have a more limited designs and colors. You will only find mostly gold and silver in the use of colors for metallic temporary tattoos.

  1. Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

The next type of temporary tattoos is airbrush temporary tattoos. For this type, tattoo artists are needed to apply the temporary ink onto your skin. Using small compressor machine, airbrush tattoo artists will spray colored inks onto your skin based on the image you choose to be your tattoo. This type is the type that is nearly as authentic as the permanent tattoo. The freedom in choosing the images for airbrush tattoos is the reason why this tattoo is as good as the permanent tattoo. The advantage you can get while applying this tattoo onto your skin is that it is very easy to be removed. You can just use alcohol for make it disappear from your skin.

  1. Henna Temporary Tattoos

Henna temporary tattoos is the last type of temporary tattoos. Henna is made from some herbal used for cosmetics as its main use. Therefore, henna ink for temporary tattoos is the most safe to use even though you cannot explore more when applying it as a skin art. In some of the Middle East culture, henna temporary tattoos are popular for wedding art, and used for the brides. Of course it is clear that if you apply henna temporary tattoos for you skin, you will not get various colors because mostly henna inks only come in dark colors like black, dark red, and other dark colors.

Why Temporary Tattoos Are the Best Alternative Skin Art

Although they last shortly, temporary tattoos are still considerably the best alternative skin art to choose when you want to beautify your body. Temporary tattoos are the best choice if you still want to make some artistic expression through your body without breaking some certain rules or limits you find everywhere. It is not impossible for the rules from your religion or workplace and the limits from you skin condition and budget to eventually convince you to get a temporary tattoo.

In some of the religious countries, the workplaces mostly forbid their workers to have a tattoo because it does not meet with the norms, religious views, and tidiness. The stereotype that a person having a tattoo is not a good person is still widely believed by some highly-religious countries, and that is one of the reasons why workers cannot have a tattoo. Temporary tattoos can be an alternative for those workers. They can have some temporary tattoos on holiday and take some pictures to show their artistic expression, and when it is time for work, they can remove the tattoos again. For that reason, temporary tattoos can also be considered the most flexible skin art. Additionally, people choose to get temporary tattoos because they are cheaper. Professional tattoo artists range the price of temporary tattoos from 5$ to 15$ while a permanent tattoo can cost from 100$ to 300$ based on its difficulty.

Lastly, if you want to satisfy yourself through the body art or the skin art, considering temporary tattoos can be the very cool choice. The various designs of temporary tattoos give you some options to fulfill your longing for an artistic expression you have thought of for a very long time. Surely, you will never have to experience the pain of tattoo needles used in injecting permanent tattoos. Even though there are no needles injected to your skin, you should also pay attention to your skin sensitivity and your skin problems before deciding to get a temporary tattoo. Certain substances from temporary tattoos can make your skin get some problems if they do not adaptable. After knowing all the plus and minus of temporary tattoos, isn’t now the right time to plan what you would have for expressing your desire of a skin art through temporary tattoos?