Making interlocking heart tattoo is an excellent way to show a relationship with the person you love. Be it for boyfriend, parents, brothers or friends.

The heart is a symbol of love that had been common. Not merely a feeling, the heart can now be shown in the form of the interlocking tattoo. In contrast to other types of tattoos, interlocking heart tattoo is usually a medium-sized or small. So you could put this tattoo anywhere you want.

These tattoos come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. If you want to create tattoos that are related to the friendship, you can apply with the color yellow, but if you are in love, you can use the color red. There are many different types of designs that we can know.


Design of interlocking heart tattoos

  • Black interlocking heart tattoos.
  • This type of tattoo is usually showed sadness. This could be due to the grief of losing a beloved person.
  • Interlocking Tribal heart tattoos.
  • Many people love this type of tattoo because it is nice and showing a personal message.
  • Interlocking heart Celtic tattoos.
  • This type of tattoo Celtic has a great design and beautiful. The tattoo has a symbol of strength and unity.
  • Stitched interlocking heart tattoos.
  • This tattoo as a second heart that is sewn. This could mean as a relationship that is created again.
  • Infinity interlocking heart tattoos.


This type of design is symbolic of something that there is no limit, togetherness, and could even mean a reincarnation. Infinity tattoo may look simple, but it looks fresh and straightforward. So if you don’t like the flashy things, you can choose the type of tattoo.


Various types of design determine the feelings of each tattoo. You can choose a design suited to the State of your heart. The color for this tattoo is also very diverse and usually brightly colored like blue, pink, gold. Interlocking heart tattoos were associated two hearts, so this tattoo is more definite meaning than negative meaning.


The meaning of interlocking heart tattoos

  • Love
  • compassion
  • Longing
  • Beauty
  • Marriage
  • Femininity
  • Passion

Interlocking heart tattoos is a type of tattoo that is simpler than other types because it is not to eat place and design are simple. The tattoo is you can create your process and following your wishes. So you can express your ideas of the infinite.