Hells Angels tattoo shop is a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, CA. It was owned by George Jr.

Hells Angels tattoo shop was founded by George Christie Jr. He was a former leader of the motorcycle gang with the same name, Hells Angels.

During its operation,  this tattoo parlor received no positive response from the society because it was a place for motorcycle gang members who are judge brutal. At this time, the tattoo shop was closed caused by the arrested of George on charges of bombing the other tattoo shop.


George Christie Jr

George Christie Jr. was the only child who grew up with a Greek family. He was born in 1947 in Ventura. His parents go to the US before he was born. He had an interest in motorcycles since his childhood. But, his school made him apart from his hobby.

Then, while a teenager he began to like surfing. In 1966 he bought his first bicycle even though his father did not allow him. After that, he joined the bike community in Ventura, The Question Marks. He also joined a motorcycle gang Von Dutch and Dick Woods.


Furthermore, he joined the Hells Angels. In 1976 he became a representative of the Hells Angels in the charter of Los Angeles and become the president six-month laters. Two years later, he became the founder of Charter of Ventura and had a strong influence on the Hells Angels. He was against the law, the enemy gang, even his gang’s members when starting to build his business in tattooing for three decades.


Even though he was famous as the carried of Olympic Torch in Los Angeles Games in 1984, he spent many times in the prison with a variety of charges since 2001 to 2014.

In 2011 he resigned from the charter of Ventura as the president and then in 2013 he was arrested on charges of bombing 2 tattoo parlors in Ventura as well as the gang and back to the prison for a year. That is when the Hells Angels Tattoo shop is also closed.


That’s all about the story of George Christie Jr., the founder of Hells Angels Tattoo Shop. Despite his criminal actions, he has a wife and four children. They live in Southern California now. Also, Christie went back to work as a consultant on organized crime for Cable News Network.