As opposed to the existence of spiritual waves that emerging through the art of tattoo, there are atheist symbol tattoos that flowing around, these are also some kind of counter waves of spiritual that appear in the tattooer community where many tattooers start to show their self by expressing their tattoo art, especially in the atheism affair.

Tattoo art itself is a medium to convey aspirations. Since there is the eagerness of tattooer to show their self, the atheist symbol tattoos showed everywhere. Atheism can be understood as a very private thing that as private as religion status of someone’s life.

In modern day, the free thought that spread widely in the community as the result of renaissance has brought the world into the God-has-die condition as described by Nietzsche.

This anti-religious movement harder and wider influence the world so that there is no longer space that can be fulfilled by the believer to explain the “untouchable and unthinkable” side of God.

As the world nowadays need a reason and rationalization on every movement and action that is taken. Atheist symbol tattoos itself has been increasing and enter the tattoo art as the effort to publish and shows the proudness of believing less in God.

A number of atheists, pro-science, and all of the related party that have been proffered as symbols for nonbelievers is move up the issues now, but fortunately none of them have any real consensus so far, they just seem to show their identity symbolically via tattoo and any other medium that can be the device to spread it worldwide. There are some popular Atheist symbol tattoos that can be classified below:

The earliest one of these symbols is “happy human” icon that designed by Denis Barrington in 1965 for the International Humanist and the Ethical Union.

This little icon is the symbol of humanist philosophy of people over religious dogma, this isn’t really an open atheist symbol especially for tattoos.

The second is the “open-atom” logo of the American Atheists, designed in the early sixties to emphasizing the scientific curiosity and empirical thinking. Nowadays, atheist symbol tattoos have this one of the popular lists of a symbol as an icon.

The really most popular icon that is used worldwide until today is “circle/A emblem/Scarlet A” which has a meaning “against religion”. This icon really a special icon that voicing the resentment of any religious affair.