If talking about the Norwegian symbols and meanings tattoos, I think it don’t have a really different topic with the discussion of the Vikings. Do you know where the Vikings actually come from in history? Looking back, Norway is one of the most powerful countries in the history of the Vikings.

The Vikings nation itself feels like a group of tough pirates of raid, babarians and have uniques tradition. One of them is they love to collect tattoos.

In some Viking cemeteries where they are properly buried and still remain today in the burial complex area near Gjermundbu, Norway (beyond the tradition of dispersing the remaining ashes from the burning of the Vikings).


For most people the world of Viking identic with a group of soulless fighter with characteristic of a badass who has dozens of scars and tattoos all over his body so it will giving a fierce and frightening impression to anyone who sees or relates to them.

However, if judged through the spectacles of history and art, the Vikings have a characteristic of art that is still widely used today, the cultural heritage of the tattoo symbol which later became known as the Norwegian symbols with some meanings tattoos.

Not many people know the Vikings except the tattooers who really admire them or even trying so hard to imitate the Vikings characteristic to revive the Vikings identity in the community.


Norwegian symbol and meaning tattoo has a variety of variants that are all worth of art, have characteristics that can be accustomed to the user and has its own ancient value as one of the traditional symbols that have a history value. This must gladly accept because it means the historical product can still be match with the modern tradition (although tattoo itself is not a modern product but more like modern innovation product).


What really tickle the teenagers and youths in using some of the Norwegian symbols maybe the meanings of the tattoos itself. The icon that being used by the Vikings as told by the history that “each of them (vikings) use the tattoo widely from finger to nails and neck with any figures (tree, man head with horns, animal, etc) with dark green colors”.

It shows that the pattern that being used is accustomed to the natural power, maybe to make them more maturely powerful naturally. This means the pattern really worth the value.