Tattooing is somewhat has become one of culture in Los Angeles. Here are 3 top black and grey tattoos in Los Angeles applied by some artists.

We know that nowadays, Los Angeles has become a must place to visit when you addicted on applying tattoos on your body. It somehow one of the culture they can’t avoid.

Los Angeles has become a home for tattoo lovers especially American at least. It has become known outside Los Angeles because some artist has uploaded on their social media for their new tattoo, a beautiful and artistic tattoo.

Artist as we know, always become a figure public that we follow what they used, what they liked, what they recommend no matter how hurt it is, no matter how difficult or expensive it is. In this chance, we see the tattoo on their body.

This becomes famous and much people try to have it too. So, if you try to find yours, let’s see these 3 top best black and grey tattoos in Los Angeles applied by some artist as a recommendation.


Best black and grey tattoo in Los Angeles

  • Dan Smith must know tattoo
    you may recognize him not just as a lead singer of his own band group, The Dear, and Departed, but also an owner of one of the tattoo shop in Los Angeles. Well, the good looking tattoo is subjective, but one of his best tattoos is this one, a black and grey heart tattoo.


A detailed color and line, a perfect flower all of about this tattoo is beautiful. If you want something beautiful, impressive but simple, you can take this as your first hint.


  • William Doolittle

He starts tattooing since 2008. He customizes his own tattoo especially in geometric, illustration, etc and also he received what customer wants. You can follow his Instagram @williamdoolittle for his improvement skill in tattooing. He has been quite a remarkable in tattooing.


  • Juncha

He has one of his black and grey tattoo inspired by some historical era like Renaissance and Greek. He posted his own on his personal Instagram, @Juncha if you want to see his beautiful tattoo.

That’s best three black and grey tattoos in Los Angeles you have to own. In Los Angeles tattoo shop might be everywhere across the neighborhood but this artist has their own tattoo shop if you want one like them.