The Types and Meaning behind Traditional Tattoos

Traditional tattoos still have their own charm so it is not surprising if numerous people today still use this tattoo style as the art expression on their body. When tattoo machines had been made back in 1872, the tattoo making developed into more modern method. However, people seem not completely leave traditional method of tattoo making. The tattoo machine had changed the industry by offering wide array of tattoo designs. However, tattoo artists then make some innovations so that those who prefer old-school design still able to get it. Hence, now tattoos with traditional style can be made using modern method.

What are actually traditional tattoos?

When it comes to old-school tattoos, the majority of people associate them with designs and styles which commonly found in the books. When the tattoo machine was made the demand for the tattoos increased rapidly. This condition then made many artists required books of designs which could help them producing good-quality of tattoos. By taking design inspirations from the books, artists were able to follow and personalize the designs by themselves. During that time, there were a lot of tattoo shops and the ones you found in America offered flash tattoos. This type of tattoo comprises simple, quick, and ready-to-wear tattoo designs. Through these designs, people can make order on what kinds of their tattoos look like. After that, the artists will learn and try to make the design so that they can promote fast tattoos making process. At that time, the number of well-experienced tattoo artists automatically increased in order to fulfil the tattoo demand from a lot of people. Even though today’s there are many high-quality tattoos artists but they need to prove their skills by producing good quality of tattoos which are suitable with what people want.

Typical designs for traditional tattoos

The majority of traditional tattoos come with designs which depict patriotism. There are quite numerous artists who put their classic flash books with tattoos designs which the Liberty statue and other characters with flags. There are also designs which show power by using eagles which combined with shields and emblems. Those tattoos designs actually reflect the patriotism. In wartime for example, the sailors show patriotism because it is the symbol of their teamwork in order to serve and devote their lives to the country. In order to support the troops, people commonly make tattoos with these classic patriotic designs. It is because the tattoos indicate the dedication and unity to the troops who also own them.

Knowing traditional tattoos mean

As tattoos with sea themes were quite popular that time, there were a lot of designs which appeared and offered countless option for those who prefer to have it. Traditional tattoos themselves were highly correlated with various kinds of symbols including hears, roses, flags, and knives. Even recent tattoo artists are renowned to still use these symbols in tattoo making. These long-lasting symbols are used since they have quite broad meaning which can suitable for everyone. Hence, it is not surprising if many people nowadays use or include these symbols to complete other character designs.

The symbols which commonly used in traditional designs have their own meaning.  Hearts symbol like what are used globally refers the meaning of love. How heart combined with other characters also can bring different meaning. For instance, heart which comes with bleeds or breaks depicts the condition of the world which the wearer actually feels. Sometimes the hearts designs come with stitches which refer to fixed condition, courage, or even true love. Some heart tattoos design also come with ribbon across it with the name of the wearer or other people he or she loves.

Another symbol which is quite popular in traditional tattoos is actually swallow. This bird and its colonies are known to live in the ports and occasionally perch on the ships which make it as one of great symbol in nautical theme. Swallow itself provides the meaning of home, freedom and might mean to faith as well. When being associated with sailors, this symbol means all what already happened should be left behind and what will be faced by sailors in the future. For sailors who live under the superiority, swallow means freedom and starling success to motivate a lot of sailors.

Roses also are symbol which cannot be separated from this type of tattoo. This flower reflects its way on the skin. It also creates different meaning when being combined with patriotic. Soldiers or sailors which have this tattoo symbol have a chance to those who are left behind. The roses indicate a true hope to meet their love once more. It also symbolizes a beauty. Hence, roses are more likely used by female wearer whether it is used individually or being combined with other symbols.

Types of traditional tattoos for men and women

Like what people know, classic tattoos are not merely associated with nautical things. The meanings of popular and traditional tattoos still can reflect the war time. The traditional symbols are also used in many nations and America is not only the one which does not feel restricted in personalizing the design. This country is considered as the ones which involve their emotion and feeling in the tattoo design making.  This actually results on wide variety of interesting tattoo designs even though the tattoos are available in traditional designs.


The tattoos which offer traditional designs commonly do not refer to specific gender so both men and women look good when wearing tattoos with traditional style. A sense of patriotism and former tattoo shops had made the traditional style designs which are popular and become favourites among men and women these days. This tattoo is not only realistic and completely detailed but also highly respected these days. Traditional style is highly correlated with thick lines, bold tones, as well as soft shade which result on easy recognition. The traditional design which offered by this tattoo is influenced by other forms of art. It becomes the reason why the design is very rich when it comes to traditional tattoos.