Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos designs are quite popular in nowadays tattoo designs. Those designs origin are from various traditional tribe in various part of the world. For common people, tattoos may be seen as only an arts or pictures drawn on the body part of a human. But for some “particular” tribal people in the world, the arts is seen as something entirely different and some might say it even sacred. Those variety of tribes are such as Borneo, Aztec, Hawaii, India, Maori Tribe, Polynesia, and Samoa. Most parts of this tribal tattoos are designed based on ancient tribal art of these tribe’s cultures. Those tribes use arts as their media to illustrate the rite of passage, family identification, and their social status. And believe it or not, some tattoos of their cultures are even used for medicinal purposes. The other usage of these tattoos by the tribal people are also for the camouflage purposes. If they find themselves in war with the other tribes or in a hunting event, a well-made tattoos would serve as a good camouflage in certain environment.

Types of Tribal Tattoos

Each of the tribes has their own unique tattoos designs and their own tattoos meanings but mostly the color of these tattoos are solid black. Here are a few tribes that the modern well known tribal tattoos originated from:

  1. Polynesian Tatau
  • Tatau means tattoo in Polynesian. Every Polynesian have a tattoo engraved into their body. The reason is that in Polynesian the tattoo is viewed as a symbol of language. The design of the tattoo in this culture usually derived from animalssuch as lizards, fish hooks, turtles, etc.
  1. Maori Moko
  • This tribe usually has the tattoo engraved on the facial part of the body. And for the facial part, the tattoo is called “Moko”. For male, the tattoo is drawn on the entire face. And on the other hand for the female, the tattoo is drawn only on the chin and on the mouth. The Moko itself symbolize not only the social status of the person but also the ranks, jobs, and the achievements of the person as well. Therefore it is unique for each of the person’s tattoo. The Maoris believe that the Mokowill show the person who they are when the day comes for them to depart from this world.
  1. Haida Tattoos
  • This tribe lives in the northwest coast of America. The tribe is well known for their animal tattoos and their woodcarvings. Haida people believes that if the animal tattoo is engraved on the body, then the person would gain some strength of the animal engraved in the tattoo. For example, if a person has a lion tattoo engraved, and the person would has the strength of a lion. Therefore, because of this reason, most of the tattoos in this tribe are usually masculine creatures such as bears, thunderbirds, beavers, etc. And the design itself is drawn in a forceful and masculine ways.
  1. Borneo Tattoos
  • Borneo is the biggest island in the country of Indonesia. In the island alone, stands the border of three countries which are Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam. The symbols for this region are recognized as the symbol of protection and achievements. The tattoos are often designed with dragons, flowers, spirals, or dogs in bold colors.
  1. The Celtics Tattoos
  • The Celtics are a very superstitious people. The people of Celtics use their tattoos to rank their inheritance, identification and their acts of bravery. The history of the Celtics are quite rarely found as majority of their knowledge are passed down orally from generations to generations.

Varieties of Tribal Tattoo Designs in modern day

There are various design of tribal tattoos in the world that are no longer special only to the tribes but also well known for daily obtainable choice of tattoos. Still the most popular one of the tribal tattoos in modern days are the Maori, Haida, and the Polynesian tribe design. Here are example of two variations of tattoo designs and its meanings:

  1. Maori Tattoo Design
  • The design of Maori Tattoo is distinguished by the use of bold lines and the repetition of particular style or motifs that are conspicuous in the moko or tattoo of the Maori’s people. As mentioned before, in Maori Culture, the mokos or the facial part of the body is made for the purpose of “Identification” of themselves when they died so the ancestors or the family who has passed away before them would recognize him in next world. In modern days, the design have much more varieties and have much broader scope of elements. The design also comes with much more colors and more variation of cultural symbols.
  1. Celtic Tattoo Design
  • The most common design of the Celtics are the celtic knots. With mixtures of the animal patterns, the end-result would be a very attractive and beautiful design. Animals are a huge symbol in the celtic arts culture. Modern Celtic people nowadays made their Celtic tattoos like a leafed shamrock for example like the red dragon.

Why Tribal Tattoos are popular among commoners?

Tattoos for the tribes may be seen and regarded as something sacred or highly-valued. But what about the commoners and people who have absolutely no relation to the tribes? Why they like to have such tattoos engraved into parts of their body? Here are some of the reasons why the commoners feels the attraction of having a tribal tattoos:

  • One of the main reasons why this tribal tattoos are so widely demanded is mainly because of their awkwardmeanings.
  • The symbol define the wearer’s passions and identity.
  • It satisfy the belonging needs of everyone to certain tribes.
  • The tattoo is believed to grant connection to certain mystic or sacred activities.
  • The other simple reason is simply because of its beautiful art designs.

Therefore, due to nowadays easy information exchange, the tribal tattoos has become common selection at tattoos shop. And if chance my beloved reader here is considering having a tribal tattoo, then it is recommended to find a not only beautiful but also meaningful Tribal Tattoos.