For those of you who are going to hire best tattoo artist for lettering, it’s really recommended for you to look for some references and recommendations first.

One of the most important things that you should make the focus of attention before choosing a tattoo artist is the suitability of their skills. Not all artists have the same skills, but most of them do have completely different skills.

There are also specialties that they have so it is important to be a consideration for you or anyone who will put a tattoo. For designing a lettering tattoo, certainly, you will find who the best artists that you can meet with are.


Find Based on Their Specialist

The most important thing to do is to pay attention to the specialist of the artist. As you know that their abilities are sometimes different. Do not find a tattoo artist who can make all kinds of tattoos at once. Most of them are specialists in some types.

Thus, you should know what kind of tattoos they are mastering. Usually, they are only experts in some types of tattoos only, so that you need to find the one that best suits your needs only. If you want to apply a design letter tattoo, then you have to find an artist who can do that. For that, then you need to do the searching and analyzing process first until it can actually find it.


Get Some References and Recommendation


To find the best artist, you can look for it from references and recommendations in many sources. What is the purpose? The goal is that you can get valid information about which agents can work on tattooing with the lettering design. To help you find the best recommendations and references, here are some of them:

  • BJ Betts

Location: Wilmington, Delaware.

  • Placaso

Location: Santa Ana, California.

  • Maxime Buchi

Location: Brooklyn

  • Norm

Location: Los Angeles

  • Boog

Location: Various


In addition to some of these references, you can actually find and get some references and recommendations alike. You can try to get the best information from many other sources.

To be more confident, you can also browse the existence of the agent and then see the portfolio results of works that have been made by the artist in particular about lettering tattoo design. Thus, you will find easily the best choices of professional and best tattoo artist for lettering.