The style that will be a great fit with the theme of feminism is the flower and vine tattoo. Although not very well known this brings the meaning of the tattoo.

Perhaps there are some who don’t know with flower and vine tattoo. Reasonable just because vines tattoo is less known among the tattoo lovers. Not only that vines tattoo is usually chosen by the ladies because of the effect that feminism.

Though not well-known in flower tattoo design and it is very cute and beautiful. If you like full sleeve or foot tattoo then flower vines tattoo will look good and simple propagate up to the bottom of the feet or the tip of the hand.

Flower and vines tattoo is not just having a feminine impression but also has a lot of meaning. Sometimes the diverse meanings because this is ultimately chosen flower and vines design. Flowers is a design already often and even very easy to find because many who use it.

Thus vine flower tattoo is the solution to avoid the mainstream. Here is the idea of tattoos of flowers and vines that can inspire you.

Inspiring ideas tattoos of flowers and vines

  • Full sleeve red rose vines
    this picture explains everything about vines. Vines have special meaning one of them is feminine. This design is the most basic and common flower vines design. There are some flowers were blossoming but some of them are sprout. This also means that it still continuously growing. As has said before vines have a lot of meanings. This full sleeve red rose vine was just the beginning of vines beauty and it’s gorgeous.

  • Foot flower vines

If you think flora and fauna or let’s just say nature is your style with feminine looks vines was just a perfect answer for you. This foot flower vines tattoo explained it simply. With sharp color and detail line, the artist tattoo also has skills in tattooing vines style.

  • Waist flower vines tattoo

The last one is on the waist. With red leaf and pink flowers vine, it comes out with feminine style again. As written before vines are really feminine. Just a perfect for feminine style lovers.

Tattoos of flowers and vines are a perfect choice for the woman. It is not only looked feminine and beautiful but flower also describes woman really well. Choose your own flower vines design and get it from the nearest expert artist tattoo specialize in flower vines.